Genea-Goals 2013 – Update

OK. The first quarter of the year is over and it is time to see how I am doing on my Genea-Goals for 2013.  Status in pink.

  1.  Blog more often  – at least 2 or 3 times per month – Haven’t done it.  This is the first post since I set these goals back in January!
  2. Attend RootsTech and the APG Professional Management Conference – March in SLC – The APG PMC was great — lots of wise words from Tom Jones and informative presentations by Judy Russell.  RootsTech was BIG — 6,700 registered attendees!  Maybe I should blog about these?
  3. Attend a national institute – Registered in my first-choice session, room booked, airline tickets purchased.  Can’t wait!
  4. Take the NGS Home Study Course – graded option – after the revised version is available in May – I just heard that the new course “American Genealogy Studies: The Basics” is in pre-release.  I will start this soon.  Right now I am working my way through the free NGS Family History Skills course.
  5. Speaking
    1. Prepare 3 more talks – have ideas for 2 new talks
    2. Present 10 times – have presented 3 times so far this year and have 3 more talks scheduled — one of them in 2014.
  6. Research trip to Allen County Public Library – planned for fall
  7. Apply for ProGen – not yet
  8. Personal Digitization
    1. Digitize old slides – Completed scanning of 600 slides inherited from my in-laws.  Dug out 16 slide carousels belonging to me and my hubby.  There are over 2200 slides!  Although I won’t scan each and every one, this could take a while.
    2. Digitize old (pre-2003) pictures – after the slides are finished.
  9. Marketing
    1. Change LinkedIn profile – not yet
    2. Edit APG listing – not yet
    3. Submit information for CCGS Speakers Bureau – did it
    4. Submit name for NARA researchers list – not yet
  10. Volunteer activities
    1. DPL – twice a month – check
    2. NARA – twice a month – check
    3. B’fld GS – Treasurer, maybe VP in FY14, organizing newspaper indexing project – check
    4. Boulder GS – Recording Secretary, Publicity – check
    5. CGS – Publicity – check
    6. * New * GGSC – delegate to Colorado Council – check

It’s been a busy first quarter.  I definitely haven’t paid enough attention to my blog.  Education activities are on track.  Scanning has taken more time than anticipated (~5 minutes per slide).  Volunteering is taking up a lot of time and energy.  I’ve been trying to sit on my hands when “opportunities” arise.  I’m hoping to have more of these goals check off next quarter.

2 thoughts on “Genea-Goals 2013 – Update

  1. Congratulations!! You’ve done a lot. And probably even more than is listed. Sometimes ti feel like I really accomplished something when I see so many items not completed, I write down (and cross off) all of those things I did that weren’t on my original list. It helps.

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